Angels of God Vs. Angels of Light

Something recently occurred to me as I read about an angel, who appeared to Daniel. The angel was identified by the personal pronoun, "he." Although I’ve been a Christian many years, it never previously occurred to me that all angels in the Bible appear masculine in form. Not a single angel in the Bible is ever described with feminine features or as "she."

The same day I read about the "man," who appeared to Daniel, I noticed a photo in the daily newspaper of a monument of an angel in a nearly town. The monument was that of a female angel. As I wondered about this, several other images of female angels were recalled to mind. Some were on the covers of music made by various gospel singers and groups. Others were shown in the literature of the Vatican and various Protestant publications. Some were seen in the stained glass windows of Protestant and Catholic churches. All other monuments of angels I’ve ever seen were also female. Some images that came to mind were also in secular publications.

I’ve had many confrontations with satanists and demons during my Christian walk. Those events have made me aware that Satan likes to do as much as possible exactly the opposite from the way God wants things. For example, because God revealed Himself as a Father in the Bible, Satan does much to get people’s attention on Mother Earth. God created us as male and female so that sexual intimacy would only be experienced in marriage. Satan has not only tempted people to indulge in sex outside of marriage, but also to lust after those of the same gender and even animals. Because God said, "Thou shalt not commit murder," Satan loves to motivate murderous behavior. Because God said, "Thou shalt not steal," Satan motivates people to be thieves. Because God said, "Thou shalt not lie," Satan is the father of lies. Jesus is revealed as the Lamb of God, so Satan likes to be seen as a goat. God enables believers to speak with tongues of men and angels (1 Cor. 13:1), so Satan enables the deceived to speak with the tongues of mammals, birds, and reptiles. However, there are demonized people, who speak with human tongues as well.

Since all angles in the Bible were male in form, you should discern that female angels are satanic agents. However, this does not mean that all male-looking angels are from God. Masculine angels must be discerned on a case-by-case basis. This is because I personally knew someone in 1967, who saw a demon that impersonated Michael the arch-angel. I know it was a demon because it lied about two things: it told him that only people called to ministry need to be born again, and that 1984 would be the last election held in the USA. Jesus Christ said that everyone needs to be born again in John 3. That was how I knew it was a liar. Now that it is 26 years since 1984 and the USA had 6 more elections, my discernment from God’s word proves my accusation conclusively.

I also read about someone else, who claims Gabriel appeared to him several times. However, the "Gabriel" he met gave him a revelation of the blood of Jesus, which makes His sacrifice on Calvary no better than an O.T. animal sacrifice. The blood of Jesus Christ does not merely atone (cover) for our sin. His blood can wash sin completely out of our lives. Jesus’ blood not only imputes righteousness to us at the moment of being justified, but also imparts righteousness through the process of sanctification.
Angles in the Bible did not call attention to themselves, but to God and/or the Lord Jesus Christ. One of them very emphatically stated, "The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." He wanted the apostle, who saw him, to get his attention upon Jesus, not himself. There was one angel, however, who directed a centurion’s attention to the apostle, Peter. God then used Peter as the one, who preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to the centurion. Thus, in this case, the angel indirectly pointed someone to the Lord Jesus. There is no place in the Bible where an angel ever drew attention to himself.

A couple years ago, there was a counterfeit revival in Lakeland, Florida in which a female angel named Emma got the most attention. A demon, who impersonated Jesus, told the leading evangelist to get his attention on that angel. This is totally backwards from the ways of God. Angels are supposed to direct our attention to the Lord Jesus. Yet Todd Bentley’s "Jesus" directed his attention to Emma. The type of miracles performed by Emma expose her as a spirit of alchemy.

If you know anything about Kundalini Yoga, you should be aware that the "revival" that occurred in Toronto in the mid-1990’s initiated the participants into the first 2 stages of Kundalini serpent fire. That counterfeit revival was a judgment from God against the sin in their leaders, which they committed against a pastor in Woodstock, Ontario. They also sinned in the shameful way they treated Bernice Cunningham shortly thereafter.

When the demons behind that "revival" relocated their activities to Pensacola, Florida a few years later, the participants reached the 3rd and 4th stages of Kundalini demonization. After being exposed by many discerning saints, they went underground and reemerged in Lakeland, Florida a few years later. That time, they deceived the participants into the next stage of Kundalini Yoga. Those, who reach the 7th stage, think they have become gods. There are several miracle-workers, who have infiltrated the church since the early 1980’s, who claim to be gods. The most prominent ones include Ken Copeland, Benny Hinn, Morris Cerullo, John Avanzini, Casey Treat, and Jim Jones. Although Casey Treat did this a lot during the 1980’s, I’ve been informed that he hasn’t continued doing it lately. I hope he repented, but if not, then he is just keeping a low profile about it.

The angel, who calls herself Emma, has appeared in the meetings of other people, who claim to be apostles and prophets. Bob Jones is one of them. He claims that Emma was the angel, who gave birth to the "apostolic/prophetic" movement that began in Kansas City in the 1980’s. If the people involved in that movement realized all angels in the Bible were male, they would have discerned Emma to be an angel of light. God gave me discernment shortly after that movement began to know the people involved became false prophets and false apostles. God helped me to recognize this by the way they spent more time exalting themselves than the Lord Jesus Christ. To them, Jesus was little more than a name to be bandied about to give themselves credibility.

It should also be noted that while Paul Cain was noted for the accuracy of his prophecies, he was exposed for being very immoral. Bob Jones was the opposite. Bob Jones was known for being morally upright, but many of his predictions failed to come to pass. That makes him an apostle of the angel of light, whom the Bible exposes as Satan. From what I’ve heard about Bob Jones, I don’t think he is the type of person, who would deliberately try to deceive anyone. Thus, he became a deceiver because he was first deceived himself.

Another way to know a tree is by the fruit it produces. One of the most famous leaders of the Kansas City movement was Paul Cain. He later became infamous for the way he used his prophetic gift to seduce women. In more recent years I’ve learned he is also bi-sexual. If you know much about the affects of occultism upon peoples’ lives, they tend become very immoral. Unholy spirits influence people to become unholy.

It greatly grieves me to see so many leaders in the church fall for these deceptions. Another bad fruit influenced by spiritual counterfeits is the way some of these leaders have divorced their wives for being too unspiritual for them when they tried to help them realize how they were deceived. All of them, who remarried, are now living in adultery according to what Jesus Christ said in Matt. 5:32 and Luke 16:18.

At the time the "revival" in Pensacola became the latest fad to follow, our daughter attended a youth group at a church where half the teenagers went to Pensacola to attend the meetings. All of them were genuinely on fire for God before they went. None of them were sinful backsliders. After they returned from Florida, however, all the girls were whores or lesbians and all the boys were whoremongers or homosexuals. All of them were rebellious toward their parents too. We mentioned this to some friends in Christchurch, whose son visited the Pensacola church. They told us their son, who was previously very close to them, returned with such a spirit of rebellion that they wouldn’t allow him to stay at home.

The apostle Paul told the Galatians that any angel, who preaches a gospel contrary to what he preached, would be accursed by God. If we become deceived by another gospel about another Jesus, which is influenced by another spirit, we violate the commandment, "Thou shalt have no other God’s before Me." Everyone, who worships the source of a counterfeit revival, is guilty of worshipping a false god.
God does not want us to be impressed by angels, miracles, signs, or wonders. He wants us to obey His word no matter what anyone (angel or human) does to the contrary. Some verses in Deut. 13 explain this very emphatically. God told Moses that false prophets can make accurate predictions. God wants us to discern such false ministries, not according to their accuracy, but according to their source and purpose. You can discern a source to be satanic if its purpose is to promote something contrary to scripture. If you ever see a supernatural manifestation, which is not in the Bible, it is not from God.

I was deceived by such things twice between 1967-1971. Neither of those manifestations were in the Bible, but I was too ignorant and undiscerning to realize that I was being tempted by demons, who were impersonating the Holy Spirit. When I was confronted by those spirits, I forgot what John wrote in his first epistle about not believing every spirit. Neither did I know how to test them properly. Although I was deceived both times, God was faithful to correct me afterward.

If anyone, who reads this, realizes they too have been deceived, you should take prompt action to get free. Both times I was deceived I had to repent, rebuke, and renounce the spirit that fooled me. While I was able to set myself free this way, this does not work for some people for some reason. Such people need the help of a minister, who knows about deliverance. To prepare yourself for deliverance, I recommend reading the books written by Kurt Koch. Neil Anderson also has some excellent books on this subject. God does not want you ignorant of the devil’s devices. The books by these authors will not only inform you, but also edify you by giving you spiritual strength to resist the devil effectively. "Stand fast in the liberty by which Christ has set you free, and be not entangled again by the yoke of bondage."